We celebrate St. Nicholas’s day without ceremony.
Few people have seen, in all of this holy place, the history of living people was consecrated, as if I lived with the other half of the third side. Win is renowned for its kindness, chuynіstyu and auxiliary to the needy. A boy from early rock appeared in the middle of those who had a special love and chuynіstyu, spivchuttyam to the most frugal, wait for the help of the next, handing out wretched coins, extravagant hands in your hands needless. For good nature and mercy, Mikolai, having reputed to the great pride and shanu of all kinds of people, and their gifts to the rank of saints.

All holy – the most important day at the rocі for dіtlahіv. In front of the holy dithy, write letters to nya with their requisites and pray before nya, ask them to transfer their healthy health to the fathers. On the day before the saint, you can conceive of all your good and evil chants, and dear: Whose more. Chi budunok, and chi, perhaps, rizka? For more information about obov’yazkovo know the pillow of a gift, and the unheard of – a twig. Tsya rіzochka є his own children’s business, right now we’ll think about our behavior and vipravity.
And at night, at 19 chest to the skin girl, Svyatii Mikolay and treasure pid pillow come.

And who’s better Dobrich vchinkіv zirov vi for tsey rіk? What is a check on you: a gift?


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